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1.    If I don't click on the link in the confirmation e-mail, will I still be signed up?

Answer:  NO.   To comply with the Anti-SPAM Laws we require a confirmation letter for all new users.

2.    If I get a new e-mail address will I still get my news letter?  

Answer:  NO.  You will need to sign-up again for your new address.

3.    I signed up for a news letter but did not get my confirmation e-mail or I did not get my news letter?

Answer:  This could be one of a couple problems.

                A.   Your SPAM Filter could be set to high.

                B.    You may have exceeded your Inbox Quota.

                C.    You may have mistyped your e-mail address.

                D.    You could have changed your e-mail address and not updated your news letter.

5.    My browser will not display the the confirmation page.

Answer:  Some ISPs build Browsers with Proxy Servers built into them to make slow connections appear faster.  This does not always play well with other web ports that the Town's E-mail Server uses.  Please consult your ISP for a solution. 

If you are an AOL user, copy the link in the confirmation e-mail and minimize the AOL client.  Then open Internet Explorer and paste the link in the address bar and click the go button.

For other Browsers and "or" Operating Systems you may need to download and install Firefox and Java, or consult your ISP and PC documentation. 

Users of Windows ME and Older systems your Operating System have been retired by Microsoft.