Emergency Management

The Emergency Management Program for the Town of Hampton encompasses a wide variety of services for the citizens. Such services include response to natural disasters including storms, flooding, hurricanes and earthquakes. These services also include emergency response to manmade disasters such as terrorism, utility disruptions, and hazardous material leaks and spills. In order to minimize the effect of these disasters effective management and administration of the program must be achieved.  
In assuming the responsibility of Emergency Management, the Police Chief serves as the Town’s Emergency Management Director and the Fire Chief as the Deputy Director. By incorporating resources from the fire service and other Town departments, the Emergency Management Director manages the Town’s emergency preparedness and mitigation through a unified effort. Every disaster scenario is unique in its effect and impact on the community. The common thread which binds together all disaster response priorities is the need to manage and administer the resources available to effectively mitigate the disaster. As such, emergency plans have been developed to mitigate a wide variety of natural and man-made disasters. Local, state and federal agencies have worked hand-in-hand to train and exercise these plans. Periodically, each plan is reviewed for relevance and workability.

While the Town has worked to prepare for disasters, we encourage all citizens to individually plan and prepare for unexpected disasters or emergencies. Citizens need to have their own family emergency plan and disaster supply kit in the event of an emergency or disaster. Information on disaster planning can be found at:

NH Bureau of Emergency Management

US Department of Homeland Security

Federal Emergency Management Agency

CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response


ASPCA: Disaster Preparedness: Emergency Pet Preparedness

American Red Cross

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