Hampton's fire department services reach every home and business across the Town covering urban, suburban and rural neighborhoods.  Over 40 men and women make up our fire and rescue service.  It is the only entity that is situated, staffed, trained and equipped to respond to all types of emergencies.  The fire department responds to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes as well as to man-made catastrophes such as hazardous materials spills, arson and acts of terrorism.  As such, Hampton's fire service is an all-hazard, all risk response entity.

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Community Assistance

Excellent community assistance and customer service is the foundation for excellence.  The employees of Hampton Fire/Rescue help Hampton's citizens and tourists with their needs every day of the year.  Whether it is by phone or in person, we assist individuals with a vast array of problems, concerns, or special needs. 

Fire Suppression

Fire suppression is the traditional role of the fire service today.  Hampton's firefighters combat fires in residential, industrial, commercial and woodland settings.  Each scenario requires specialized training, equipment, and varying levels of resources.  Our community has become more dependent on the fire service requiring more firefighters to cross-train to cover an increased variety of threats and/or hazards to which they respond. 


Emergency Medical Service (EMS)

Hampton Fire/Rescue offers levels of EMS from basic life support to advanced paramedic intervention with most firefighters trained to the Intermediate and Paramedic level.  This allows us to provide life-saving procedures such as advanced cardiac care and the administration of drugs.


Code Enforcement

In Hampton, the fire department is charged with enforcing building, occupancy and fire prevention codes.  This involves enforcing the laws that prohibit the existence of conditions deemed to be a hazard to public health, safety and welfare.  Code enforcement officials conduct inspections to ensure that a building is in compliance with local and state ordinances. 

Fire Prevention/Education

Hampton Fire/Rescue has the highest degree of fire prevention and education programs to offer.  These outreach programs allow the fire department to educate the public regarding fire prevention and life safety issues.  Programs include smoke alarm campaigns, fire safety for school children, CPR and first aid training for citizens.  These are examples of the many creative public education programs provided today. 

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials response requires specially trained technicians to have significant working knowledge of chemistry in addition to firefighting skills.  In addition, these technicians train for weapons of mass destruction (WMD) preparedness and response.  Hazardous materials incidents can range from small events such as fire in a private pool house where chlorine is stored to a large tanker truck that spills anhydrous ammonia, gasoline or some other hazardous or flammable substance.  As trucks carrying the potentially lethal cargo traverse the Town with numerous shipments a day, storage and use has become commonplace.  The potential for a hazardous materials incident in Hampton is extremely high. 

Woodland/Marsh Fire Threat

Hampton, with its marshes, phragmite population, and wooded areas, faces some woodland fire threat.  Hampton firefighters train and respond to woodland fires. 

Technical Rescue

Technical rescue covers most of the unimaginable emergencies; victims caught in a flash flood, water tower workers trapped ten stories high (high angle rescue), motorists trapped in crushed, overturned cars and trucks (vehicle extrication), and people trapped in collapsed buildings (collapse rescue).  Technical rescue also may include trench rescue, confined space rescue, and open water operations.  Hampton Fire/Rescue meets these unique challenges and is considered a multi-hazard, disciplined organization.  We have proven to be effective in a variety of emergencies and disasters, including hurricanes, nor'easters, storms, floods, technological accidents, marine rescues, and hazardous materials releases. 

Car Seat Inspections

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that nearly 73 percent of all child restraints are improperly used, needlessly exposing children to an increased risk of death or injury. Hampton Fire & Rescue has specially certified firefighters that are available to install and inspect your child's car seat to ensure that it is properly and safely done as well as instruct parents, family, and caregivers on how to install it themselves.  You can call 926-3316 to make an appointment. 

Blood Pressure Checks

To have your blood pressure checked you can stop by one of our fire stations.  If you cannot get to us we will come to you, all you have to do is call 926-3316. 




Station Tours

Tours may be scheduled by calling 926-3316. Firefighters are available to put on their fire gear while a speaker discusses each item and its safety aspect. Also, each piece of fire apparatus and the equipment on it can be seen and discussed. Attendees may sit in the apparatus and parents are welcome to take pictures.  We can also answer any questions that you may have about Hampton Fire & Rescue. 

Fire Apparatus Visits

Apparatus can be scheduled to come to schools, churches, public functions, businesses and grand openings. Firefighters get the opportunity at such events to teach about fire safety issues and about the rewarding careers in the fire service as well as show Hampton citizens their fire apparatus. Call 926-3316 to make an appointment. 


Public Speakers

We welcome invitations for public speaking at schools, businesses, public functions, churches, and  other meetings of civic groups.  Fire department members take the opportunity to talk about all aspects of public safety and our role in the community. 


Fire Safety House

The Fire Safety House was purchased in 2005 with primary funding coming from FEMA.  Additional funding came from the citizens and businesses in Hampton and various other contributors.  The traveling house is used to teach fire safety issues in the home.  Call the Fire Prevention Bureau at 929-1920 for more information. 


CPR Training

CPR classes, both new and recertification for individuals, families or groups are available at the Headquarters station, 140 Winnacunnet Rd. For more information contact EMS Officer Nate Denio at 926-3316 or Pre-registration for all classes is required.


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