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    The Town of Hampton, New Hampshire is located in the southeast corner of the state along the shore of the Atlantic Ocean and encompasses 14.2 square miles of land with over 2.3 billion dollars in property.  Hampton has a year round population of nearly 16,000 people and a seasonal population of approximately 100,000.  The department operates from two fire stations strategically located in our community and is a full-service life safety organization that exists to serve our customers.  We provide fire suppression, emergency medical services including paramedic level care and transportation, public fire safety education, prevention and code enforcement, technical rescue, hazardous materials incident mitigation, water rescue, disaster response, and various types of public services and assistance.

    The department is comprised of 47 employees consisting of a Fire Chief, a Deputy Fire Chief, a Fire Prevention Officer, a Fire Inspector, an Emergency Medical Services Officer, a Department Secretary, a Fire Prevention Secretary, and four shifts that work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.  Each shift has one Captain who serves as the Shift Commander, a Fire Alarm Operator, and five Firefighters staffing the Headquarters station, and one Lieutenant, one Firefighter and one Firefighter/Paramedic staffing the Beach station.  The department maintains a minimum staffing of 1 Captain, 1 Lieutenant, 1 Fire Alarm Operator and 6 Firefighters. 

    The department's area of responsibility includes the diversity of emergency responses associated with a major interstate highway, industrial complexes, densely built and populated areas, a resort beach with its large seasonal population, miles of Atlantic coastline, and nearly a half square mile of inland waters. 

    Mission & Vision

                                             Our Vision
    The vision of Hampton Fire/Rescue is to be recognized as leaders in the fire service. Through the enduring collaborative efforts between labor and management, this organization strives for continuous quality improvement through recognition and implementation of national and industry standards and practices. Our employees seek to create and maintain a safe working environment, which improves and promotes the highest quality of life and service for all.

                                            Our Mission
    The mission of Hampton Fire/Rescue is to save lives, protect property and the environment, and to maintain the highest quality of life for its members and the citizens of the community. This is accomplished through a collaborative effort between labor and management to provide the highest level of training, dedication, leadership, education, and quality customer service.


    The Fire Chief is the executive officer of the Fire Department reporting to the Town Manager and is responsible for the planning, directing, controlling and staffing of all activities of the department within fiscal constraints and policies as set by the Town Manager and the Board of Selectman. 

    The Deputy Fire Chief is responsible for all planning, organizing, coordinating and directing of the deployment operations of the department at fires, rescues, emergency medical incidents, hazardous materials incidents, marine rescues and all other emergencies that arise.  The Deputy also maintains responsibility for personnel management of fire department members.

    The Department Secretary provides secretarial and clerical support for the Chief, Deputy Chief's and Shift Officers, prepares payroll, maintains all personnel records, and maintains an accounting of the fire department budget.  The Secretary also maintains all records of injuries, prepares workman's compensation forms, coordinates necessary information for ambulance billing, and prepares correspondence, notices, directives, and General Orders in accordance with the needs of the administrative staff

    Fire Prevention

    "Improving life safety in Hampton through education and code enforcement"

    Hampton Fire & Rescue's Fire Prevention Bureau is staffed by a Fire Prevention Officer, a Fire Inspector (currently vacant) and a Secretary.  Together they are responsible for the inspection of all public and commercial buildings to determine the presence of fire hazards, adequate fire suppression and detection systems, and compliance with all fire and life safety codes.  The Bureau reviews all plans for new construction and building modifications, investigates all fires to determine cause and origin, performs public relations, training and education in connection with all Fire Prevention programs working closely with the general public and individual companies.











    The department operates out of two fire stations with four shifts or groups that work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.  Each shift has one Captain who serves as the Shift Commander, a Fire Alarm Operator, and five Firefighters staffing the Headquarters station, and one Lieutenant, one Firefighter and one Firefighter/Paramedic staffing the Beach station.  The firefighters and officers on each duty shift serve as the first responders to all emergency and non-emergency incidents as well as providing various levels of public assistance and education.    

    Current Personnel


    Fire Chief Jameson Ayotte Serving Since 2012 

    Deputy Fire

    Emergency Medical Services Officer Nate Denio  Serving Since 2001

    Department Secretary Darian Millet  Serving Since 2006

    Fire Prevention Officer William Paine Jr.  Serving Since 2001

    Fire Inspector Currently Vacant

    Fire Prevention Secretary  Stephanie Welsh   Serving Since 2015



    Captain/Paramedic Michael McMahon  Serving Since 1996

    Lieutenant/Paramedic Michael Brillard  Serving Since 1994

    Firefighter/Paramedic Buck Frost  Serving Since 2001

    Firefighter/AEMT Jason Newman  Serving Since 2006

    Firefighter/AEMT Jed Carpentier  Serving Since 2007

    Firefighter/AEMT James Henderson  Serving Since 2011

    Firefighter/AEMT Kyle Averill  Serving Since 2012

    Firefighter/Paramedic Ryan Hickey  Serving Since 2015

    Firefighter/Paramedic Adam Mills  Serving Since 2017

    Fire Alarm Operator Cassandra Bridle  Serving Since 2006


    Captain/Paramedic Justin Cutting Serving Since 1996

    Lieutenant/EMT Brian Wiser  Serving Since 1991

    Firefighter/AEMT Matthew Newton  Serving Since 2000

    Firefighter/Paramedic James Squires  Serving Since 2001

    Firefighter/Paramedic Greg Smushkin  Serving Since 2002

    Firefighter/Paramedic Jeremey Timson  Serving Since 2002

    Firefighter/AEMT  Dean Tsonas  Serving Since 2009

    Firefighter/AEMT  Brian Akerley  Serving Since 2011

    Firefighter/AEMT Kourtney Auger  Serving Since 2016

    Fire Alarm Operator Brian Chevalier  Serving Since 1999


    Captain/EMT John Stevens  Serving Since 1987

    Lieutenant/AEMT Sean Murray   Serving Since 1995

    Firefighter/Paramedic Don Thibeault  Serving Since 1999 

    Firefighter/Paramedic Walter Madore Serving Since 2007

    Firefighter/Paramedic Sean Morrison  Serving Since 2008

    Firefighter/AEMT  Michael Woods  Serving Since 2009

    Firefighter/AEMT Damien Sevin  Serving Since 2010

    Firefighter/AEMT Gary Lemoine  Serving Since 2017

    Firefighter/AEMT Currently Vacant

    Fire Alarm Operator Lisa Perrault  Serving Since 2009


    Captain/EMT David Mattson  Serving Since 1989

    Lieutenant/EMT Sean Gannon  Serving Since 1997

    Firefighter/Paramedic Matt Cray  Serving Since 1997

    Firefighter/Paramedic Kevin Lavigne  Serving Since 2008

    Firefighter/Paramedic Craig Jordan  Serving Since 2009

    Firefighter/AEMT  Katherine Meehan  Serving Since 2005

    Firefighter/AEMT Craig Magner  Serving Since 2011

    Firefighter/AEMT Seth Butler  Serving Since 2012

    Firefighter/AEMT Alex Holmes  Serving Since 2016

    Fire Alarm Operator Karissa Kerouac   Serving Since 2016

    Hampton's Fire Chiefs

    Chief Lemuel C. Ring
    1911 – 1916
    {First Fire Chief in Hampton Beach
    Volunteer Fire Department}

    Chief Elmer C. King

    1912 – 1914
    {H.F.D. Fire Chief}


    Chief Fireward Uri Lamprey
    1914 – 1915


    Chief Alexander H. Brown
    1916 – 1923
    {First Permanent Chief}


    Chief Homer B. Whiting
    1923 – 1937


    Chief George Lamott
    1937 – 1958


    Chief Perley R. George
    1958 – 1967


    Chief Paul A. Long
    1967 – 1974


    Chief Robert W. Fitz
    1974 – 1976


    Chief Howard W. Stickney
    1976 – 1980


    Chief Donald R. Matheson
    1980 – 1982


    Chief Anthony Kuncho
    1982 – 1987


    Chief William Sullivan
    1987 – 1998


    Chief Hank Lipe
    1999 – 2008

    Chief Christopher Silver

    2008 – 2014


    Chief Jameson Ayotte

    2015 – Present

    The History of the Hampton Fire Department
    was presented to the Hampton Fire Department,
    compliments of the Lane Memorial Library.
    Compiled by John M. Holman,
    Hampton History Volunteer,
    Lane Memorial Library,
    Hampton, New Hampshire.
    January 30, 2001. 





    All Members Past & Present


    Honoring Those Who Have Served

    1907 – 2017


    Austin E. Abbott 

    Brian Akerley

    Bruce Andrews

    Thomas P. Andrews

    Percy Annis  

    Robin Arsenault 

    Jameson Ayotte

    Kyle Averill 

    Kourtney Auger

    Jeffrey J.Baillargeon

    Richard A. Ballou
    Steven H. Bancewicz
    Charles J. Bancewicz
    Robert Barker
    Gary W. Bashline
    Raymond Bastian
    Earl C. Bayers
    Steven R. Benotti 

    Ananias Bickford
    Ernest J. Bishop
    O. L. Blake
    Forest A. Blake
    William Blake

      David G. Blatchford
    Earl Blatchford
    John Bogaty, Jr.
    John Bogaty, Sr.
    Alan Bogrett
    Victor Bogrett
    Leo A. Bourbeau
    Wilfred E. Boudreau
    Alexander Bowley
    Archie R. Bragg

    Cassandra L. Bridle
    Ronald W. Bridle
    Russell D. Bridle

    Michael D. Brillard
    F. Bristol

    Alexander H. Brown
    Clearance T. Brown
    Laurice Brown
    Leavitt B. Brown
    Percy Brown
    William Brown
    Richard Burbridge
    Charles A. Burlington

    Seth Butler
    John B. Cann, Sr.
    Warren Cann
    Harry Carlson

    Jed L. Carpentier
    Brian P. Chevalier
    Anthony B. Chouinard
    Daniel F. Chouinard
    Matthew W. Clark
    Lisa Clamp

    Jon Clay
    Thomas Clay

    Matthew B. Clement
    J. Cleveland
    Frederick Clews, Jr.
    Frederick Clews, Sr.
    John J. Clews
    Hovey B. Clock
    Mark S. Cobb
    Patrick J. Cotter
    James D. Correll

    Arthur J. Colby
    Arthur Collins
    David F. Collins
    Harold Connery
    Cory J. Conway
    Eben Cook
    Lucian Cook

    Mark A. Cook
    Richard W. Cooper
    Joseph Coram
    S. J. Coram
    Alfred H. Corning, Jr.
    Thomas J. Cots
    Daniel Coughlin
    Matthew C. Cray

    John W. Cross

    Dean Cushing
    Justin A. Cutting

    Jane M. Cypher

    C. D. Delancy
    R. P. Delancy

    Nathan E. Denio
    Frank Dennett
    Horace DesRochers
    Joseph R. Destasio

    John W. Dodge
    Alfred N. Dow
    Bruce G. Dow
    John I. Dow
    Rita Dow
    W. J. Drew
    Walter Drysdale
    Brian A. DuBois
    J. Dudley
    Albert J. Dunbrack
    Merlvin E. Dunbrack
    Clint Durant
    John K. Eastman
    E. S. Elkins
    Harry Elwell
    Henry W. Emery
    Roland Emery
    H. Eno
    Otto Essigmann
    Frederick D. Estey

    Tom C. Evans
    Robert A Fabich
    Carl E. Fairbrother
    Bernard Felch
    Chester Felch

    Donald B. Felch
    George E. Felch
    Harold C. Felch
    Arthur Fellows
    F. M. Fellows
    Richard C. Fitts

    Robert Fitz
    Arthur C. Fogg
    Stanley Fogg

    William Ford
    Gary K. Fowler

    Buck J. Frost
    Jack A. Furbush
    Alfred V. Gagne
    Fred Gagne

    Sean M. Gannon
    Floyd Gale
    John R. Genthner

    Perley R. George
    Donald A. Gerard

    Dennis M. Gillick
    George W. Godfrey
    Jacob T. Godfrey

    Nathan Goodhile
    Jack Goodwin

    John W. Goodwin
    Craig S. Grant
    Fred J. Greenleaf
    Charles A. Greenley
    Jerry Greenley

    Allen Grey
    Amos Guyon 

    Paul W. Haas

    Brian K. Hamilton
    Jean Hamilton
    Paul Hamilton
    Fred Hanham
    Fred W. Hankin
    Henry C. Hanson

    Forrest A. Hardardt
    George F. Hardardt, Jr.
    John J. Hardardt
    Winthrop L. Hart
    Ray G. Haselton

    James Henderson
    Ryan Hickey

    Harold Higgins
    John Higgins
    Charles L. Hills
    Howard H. Himmelreich
    Roy Hitchcock
    Horace Hobbs
    Oliver W. Hobbs 

    Alex Holmes
    Floyd Hopkins
    Bruce J. Horne
    Charles Huckins
    Robert F. Hughes
    James K. Hunt
    D. Hunter
    D. Huntress
    William K. Hurteau
    George H. Irwin

    George B. James
    M. James

    Kyle Jameson

    Steven A. Jautaikis
    Oscar Jenkins
    L. Jenness
    Percy Jenness
    Alberet T. Johnson
    J. A. Johnson
    Ralph Johnson
    F. Jones
    George Jones
    Wit Jones

    Craig Jordan
    John L. Karmen
    Dean Kennedy

    William T. Kennedy
    Elmer C. King
    Paul P. Kinney, Sr.
    Stanley Klewensky
    Phil Koehane
    John M. Kolberg

    Anthony H. Kuncho
    Henry LaDuke

    Jason M. Lajoie
    W. E. Lamb
    Arthur LaMontage
    Michael LaMontage

    George Lamott
    Bert Lamprey
    Frank A. Lamprey
    Herbert E. Lamprey
    Howell M. Lamprey
    James M. Lamprey
    Uri Lamprey
    Herman Lane
    David E. Lang, Jr.
    E. Langley
    Guy G. Larivee

    Kevin J. Lavigne

    Adam J. Lebor

    Jeffrey L. LeDuc

    Richard P. Lefavour

    Kevin P. Lemoine

    Gary Lemoine

    Richard D. Levesque

    Michael P. Lilly
    Cliff Lindsey
    Michael Linn

    Henry L. Lipe
    Bryan Litchfield
    C. W. Locke

    Paul G. Long
    Wayne Lord
    Fred Lorenze
    Austin B. Mace
    Frank Mace
    Kurt C. Mackle

    Walter A. Madore
    Craig Magner

    D. J. Mahoney

    David B. Mattson
    Alma Marion
    David Marcotte 

    Paul E. Marston
    Steven Marston
    Forest Mason

    Donald R. Matheson,Sr.
    Justin W. McDaniel 

    Jack McDevitt
    John J. McDevitt, Jr.
    Scott G. McDonald
    Dennis McGowan
    Leavitt McGrath

    Michael F. McMahon
    William C. McQuillen 

    Katherin A. Meehan
    Gene D. Melson
    Norman N. Merrill
    Russell Merrill 

    Adam Mills

    Joseph Michael

    Thomas Mills

    Darian L. Millet
    Victor Mitchell
    Carl Mitchell

    Jay D. Mooney

    Sean D. Morrison
    Cecil Morse
    Edgar Morse
    John A. Moulton
    Sylvia Moulton
    Walter L. Moulton, Jr.
    D. Munsey
    E. Murphy
    P. Murphy

    Sean P. Murray
    William C. Murray
    Kenneth Myers
    C. Nason
    Robert Naves
    Kevin L. Newcomb

    Jason S. Newman 

    Matthew J. Newton 

    Michael E. Nickerson
    Joseph S. Nobel, Jr.
    Robert Nordgen
    Gregory Norris
    Barry W. Norris
    Myron Norton
    Nelson J. Norton
    Thomas M. Norton
    Eugene L. Noury
    Harold Noyes
    Everett Nudd
    Thomas H. Nudd
    Frederick T. O'Brien, Jr.
    F. O'Dea
    Frank O'Gara

    James B. Oliver    

    Kathleen O'Leary

    Mark S. Ouellette
    Howard C. Page, Jr.
    William A. Paine, Jr.  

    Frank Palazzo
    Charles D. Palmer
    Robert M. Panit
    Augustus Parker
    Eugene Parker
    Ralph Parker
    Wilbur K. Parker
    Wayne Parker
    Davis L. Parr
    Harry Parr
    James Perkins
    Harold G. Perkins
    Ralph Perkins

    William Pepler

    Lisa Perrault
    Bruce D. Philbrick
    G. Philbrook

    Aaron Pickering
    Ronald J. Pierce
    Oscar Pinear
    Ray Piper

    Ryan Pitts
    Charles Pollard
    Lawrence A. Poliquin
    Nicholas Poulin

    T. H. Powers
    David M. Pray
    G. Purdy
    Byron Redman
    Frank B. Redman
    George W. Redman
    Robert W. Regan

    Brian Rhodes
    Kenneth Y. Richardson
    Lloyd C. Ring
    Robert Ring
    Bernard C. Robertson
    Charles A. Rolland, Jr.
    B. Ross
    Charles W. Ross
    Kenneth Ross
    Atwood Rowe
    John R. Rowe
    Mark E. Ryan
    Edward Sadler
    Homer Sanborn
    Norman Sanborn
    Thomas L. Sanborn
    Mark Savage
    Richard W. Sawyer
    Oscar Scammon
    Michael A. Schwotzer

    Damien Sevin
    Clarence Shaw
    Everett G. Shaw
    Harold Shaw

    Troy M. Shipley 

    Christopher T. Silver
    John P. Simard
    Richard Simonds
    Robert Simons
    Michael J. Small
    H. L. Smart
    Gerald Smith

    Gregory Smushkin
    Allston Snider
    John F. Snyder

    John C. Southwell
    I. Stanley
    Ervin C. Staples

    Scott D. Steele

    Jamie Stempleski
    William Stenstream

    John C. Stevens
    Oscar B. Stewart

    Howard W. Stickney
    William P. Stickney
    William W. Stickney
    Anthony R. St. Louis
    C. P. Stone
    Willliam C. Sturgis

    Steven Sullivan
    William H. Sullivan
    Richard Swain
    Matthew D. Sweeney,Jr.
    James N. Squires

    Stephen Szydlo
    Perry Tarleton
    Benjamin Taylor

    Donald J. Thibeault
    William Thibodo
    Harbour Tiegue
    Lawrence Tilton
    Peter Tilton

    Jeremey T. Timson
    Robert R. Thompson, Jr.

    Robert R. Thompson, III
    Samuel Towle
    Steven M. Towle
    Mark Trefethen
    Herbert A. Trofatter, Jr.
    Herbert A. Trofatter, Sr.
    Richard J. Trofatter
    William E. Trofatter

    Jonathon M. True
    Robert C. Trumbull

    Dean Tsonas
    James Tucker, Jr.
    Harry Tufts
    Don Tuholski
    Earl Tuttle
    Earl J. Urban
    Omar Valley
    Douglas W.

    R. Vaughn

    Peter A. Wahl

    Judith R. Waitt
    Dennis T. Wallace
    Walter H. Ward

    Michael Weaver
    David A. Weber
    Gary L. Webster
    William J. Welsh

    Stephanie Welsh

    Brian C. Wiser
    John C. White
    Charles C.White

    Homer Whiting
    Harry Whitney
    G. A. Wiggins
    Ralph Wiggins
    Fred C. Willy
    Paul Wojtkun
    Robert P. Wood

    Michael Woods
    Frank R. Yeatman
    Beecher Yeaton
    Marvin Young
    Randall Young
    Ronald Young


    The History of the Hampton Fire Department
    was presented to the Hampton Fire Department,
    compliments of the Lane Memorial Library.
    Compiled by John M. Holman,
    Hampton History Volunteer,
    Lane Memorial Library,
    Hampton, New Hampshire.
    January 30, 2001. 






    Headquarters Station, 140 Winnacunnet Rd.

    Beach Station, 119 Brown Ave.     




    For an extensive collection of historical information about Hampton Fire & Rescue visit the Town of Hampton Lane Memorial Library website.





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